Monday, 8 June 2009

Totally rad dances with Dancin' Kim!

Whilst exploring YouTube for interesting videos for the last post, I came across my favourite set of how to videos. Ever.  Let Dancin' Kim teach you everything you need to know about being, like, totally rad.

Learn the robot:

How to dance like the Go Gos (involving what looks like some kind of remotely rhythmic seizure):

Or even how to do the Thriller dance.  Zombie claws! Oooooooooooo....

Is it just me, or would these videos probably be better used to show the danger of taking far too many drugs?

*UPDATE*  I blame late night blogging, but these videos aren't real, just a very clever viral for  Nice work.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Say hello to your new parents - YouTube.

One of my favourite things about web 2.0 throwing open the doors of the internet to everyone is that so many problems can be solved with just one quick search.  Being a thoroughly impractical boy, when I started living on my own I was constantly phoning my parents to find out how to do the most simple things (get wine out of carpets, cook roast potatoes, do washing), but more recently, I have been saved numerous times by my laptop or my iPhone.  

The best is when you get help guides from people who just love whatever it is that you're looking for, like below, and want to share their knowledge.

Pleasingly, companies are slowly realising the potential and are beginning to get in on the act. For example, Fuji have created two characters called 'the Fuji Guys' to explain how to use their new cameras, such as the new F200EXR.

Although the guys in the video are pretty weird (I particularly like the fist touch as they announce that together, they are 'THE FUJI GUYS!'), I think it's brilliant that this information is now available in an easily accessible and more absorbable format.  Bravo Fuji.  Has anyone else found any examples of companies doing this?