Friday, 4 September 2009

Make it doable.

I love virals like this. The initial interest as you try to work out whats going on, the amazement as you watch the content happen, the 'that's not it?' feeling as you try to rationalise what just happened and then the intrigue as to how on earth those pesky creative types have tricked you again.

The below effort from Microsoft (made by elbkind and MRM worldwide) is not the best example, but it's nicely put together and pretty clever. My main disappointment with the piece is that more isn't made of the character 'Bruno Kammerl' - the 'engineer' who has created the biggest water slide in the world. It may be just that the campaign is B2B and so they felt that the '' did not need to be as creative, but it just seems a bit disappointing after the excitement built up from the video. Still, pretty smart.

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