Tuesday, 12 May 2009

What are T-Mobile up to? Oh, that.

So, T-mobile were organising a ruddy great big sing-along with Pink.  Obvious really, when you think about it.

I love this idea.  As Faris discusses, the beauty of this is that it depended entirely on the simple process of 'bringing people together and giving them something to do'.  There are obvious benefits to the approach that they took (word of mouth in the build up, continued buzz afterwards, public assistance in the production by simply being there), but it was also a considerable risk to take - what if no-one showed up?  What if when they did, they only had their dancing shoes and weren't willing to sing?  They knew that those who arrived would more than likely be receptive as they were individuals who had some warmth towards the previous ad, but there must have been concerns that pink would be on her own at the big moment.

But it did work.  And much better than the previous 'dance' effort, in my opinion.   Because the buzz was stimulated by the teaser ads but grown by the public, the event felt a little more organic and it was the experiences of the public that were being 'shared' this time.  Although the 'dance' ad was a great idea, it only ever involved the public to a certain extent and never really lived up to the 'life's for sharing' tagline.  This one, however, certainly did.

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